simb_pict_mainThe Simb, or false lion, is an artistic creation dating back to the 1950’s. The concept was based on the idea of a transformation of man into a lion. This thematic motif originates in Africa, and specifically in Senegal.(2)
The Simb is a cultural manifestation that takes place once a year during the rainy season. Traditionally, there was only one person who made the event and it was to him that the genies told what to say and do. He has the ability to transform himself into a lion, possessing a magical formula. Over time two men took the responsibility to deliver the magic words, known as “Jat”: magic words that make the Simb fall into a trance. The two men have the power to awaken the Simb as well as order him to dance the rhythm played by the three drummers. Each ethnic group of Senegal delegated someone to represent from the four communes, Dakar, Gorée, Rufisque, and St. Louis.(3) These four communities have become the official host of the Simb ritual performance.

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